08 August 2009

Saturday Sentiments -- My Return To Real Blogging

One month is far too long to go without blogging. I suppose the harsh perfectionist inside keeps me away from writing and or posting if I do not feel the material is up to a certain standard. At first this may seem trivial, but the more I think about it, this attitude should really be abandoned. This is my blog after all. The only editor is myself.

Who cares if others choose to judge me by what is written here? It’s not as if the material is being put out there with some claim of literary excellence. In the true original spirit of blogging, these words are just a collection of my various thoughts, opinions and reflections, mostly unfiltered, from my mind to yours.

To the thousands of people who’ve read my work over the years (both here and elsewhere) I have to sincerely thank you. You provide validation that at least some of the times, I may actually have something worthwhile and interesting to say.

So to this end, I’m declaring my intention to return to my old school blogging roots. Going forward, this could get really interesting. The messages seen here will cover a wide range of topics. Some may be newsy, others could be deeply personal. If you’re strictly looking for deeply insightful, hard hitting news, this place may disappoint you.

As a writer, I must produce continually. Whether or not the words are worthy of formal publication or not, the engine inside continues to turn, and the exhale of expression cannot be denied.

Some of you may be reading my writing for the first time, and others have known me and my work for decades. You all know who you are, thank you for making this virtual connection. The positive energy so many have sent is being felt all the time.

For now, let me encourage you to pursue your dreams no matter how delusional others may claim you to be. As long as your desires fall within the laws of nature and God, GO FOR IT!