14 July 2013

It's Been Way Too Long...

Don't Call It A Comeback! 

Seriously, I've been here for years. Feels weird to look at my little personal blog and realize it's just a few months shy of a year since I've done anything new here. Of course for six months while on deployment, I had no access to computers or the internet. But that was then and this is now.

Through it all, I remain unbroken.
Not only am I back. I've been back. And for now, I'm not going anywhere! When I make a statement like that, I secretly wish that living up to it were entirely within my control, but the realist in me knows better.

Now more than ever, this little used, seldom viewed blog will be a fairly important outlet for me. The fact that few people come here is a plus. Now a public figure, there are so many places to readily find my work or references to me. With that comes a certain level of expectation. When I write a piece for publication, there are all kinds of rules related to it. Here, I don't have that. I'm just free to be me.

In a way, as a writer, this little place represents true freedom for me. It is what it is. You don't have to like it, heck, you don't even have to read it, but it's here and will serve its purpose.

Some pieces my be in depth and thought provoking. Others will be short and silly. With all that I've been through recently, the fact that I can be suddenly -- and without warning -- taken off this Earth is more real than ever. I'd rather tell as much of my own story as possible than to have other people do it.

Non writers may have difficulty understanding the innate, unquenchable urge we writers have to continuously do what we do.

Going forward, on occasion I may direct the public to this blog when I write a story, or jump on an issue that doesn't readily fit the format of any of my other outlets.

My life has been interesting to say the least. The last year or two have been one hell of a ride. Looking back and learning lessons, I look forward to forging into the future. Are you ready? Let's go!

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