06 August 2013

Bike Lust! Honda VF500 Interceptor

I'm such a sucker for iconic vintage Japanese motorcycles. I know I'm getting old, when bikes that were simply "used bikes" when I first began riding, are now considered "classics."

Pictured above is a Honda VF500 Interceptor spotted in my travels. Not sure of the year, but these things haven't been made in at least 20 years. The paint job on this one is original, bright and crisp, just as Honda intended it. I've always loved and wanted one of these.

 If you don't know anything about Honda V4's, you don't know jack about the history of motorcycles. They were game changers, simple and plain. Note the aftermarket SuperTrapp muffler. I bet you young whippersnappers don't know what that is either.

As usual, I don't have time to do the thoroughly detailed research required to prove and back up my point. For those interested, I suggest you go google this stuff yourself. Find out why this bike was part of a family of the coolest, most unique motorcycles made.

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