28 May 2009

A Desperate Department -- Baltimore Police Dying For A Victory

Talk Of Crime Decline Is Premature And Shows Desperation

It's way too early to say one word about a decline in crime. WHAT A FREAKING JOKE! Any appearance of making headway can be wiped out in less than 30 days. In this town, a sudden spike in crime is not unheard of. Hey guys, why don't we slow down a bit on celebrating, we're only five months into the year.

With officer morale low, and public perception of the effectiveness of the Police even lower, Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld and his Baltimore Police Department has been under a continuous barrage from all sides. When you're being attacked and cornered, you become desperate. And desperation is just what we're seeing right now.

To speak about crime being down compared to a year ago is totally meaningless. A sham! In a city with more violence than most, what's there to brag about? So instead of a shooting or two every couple of days, NEWSFLASH we got three shootings TODAY, and it's not even noon yet! (see more on three shootings so far today). I guess with all my cries for transparency in government, I'm finally getting my wish. I can see right through this phony PR move! Now that's clear!

There's been so much violence lately. The now bankrupt Baltimore Sun, our once venerable little local newspaper, can barely keep up. After reducing their newsroom staff to a skeleton crew, there's simply not enough reporters to rush out and dig into these stories. With less serious reporters around, a few things could slip by and no one would know.

Have we really become that naive that we no longer B E L I E V E governments engage is cover ups and misleading actions? Seriously folks! We're not in Kansas anymore. Hell, even there they're probably doing it too!

A recent above the fold headline boldly states crime is down? How can we say this when day be day the tally grows? The final count isn't in. There are dead bodies found with causes undetermined, there's a ton of unreported crime, officers not taking reports, and so much more. Can we at least wait till the end of the year before we take account of where crime truly is? At least then if there's a reason to celebrate no one will accuse you of being a lush for breaking out the bubbly.

I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures. And a desperate man with a department in the doldrums will be quick to embrace a so call decline in crime. Even if it is farce! Commissioner Bealefeld is coming near the max life expectancy of a Baltimore Police Commissioner, so understandably, he wants to keep his job. Positive headlines in the paper are helpful. Sadly, our local daily diary was all to willing to lend a hand.

Turkey Ham!

Small Benefit Of City Living

On this mornings dog walk, I began to feel a little hungry. Just minutes away from house, I stepped into a convenience store/deli, ordered a turkey ham, egg and cheese on wheat sandwich. As we continued walking, Midnight became transfixed on the little bag with my sandwich and juice. Why do dogs constantly stare and beg in envy of our food? You don't see us staring at theirs.

While I find many negatives with living in the city, from time to time I'm reminded of some of the benefits. Being able to step out my house and buy made to order food is one of them.

27 May 2009

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26 May 2009

Assault On The Top Cop!

Today on the Baltimore Spectator, I wrote a piece directly attack Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld III. In the piece I address his lack of outrage and effort in ridding the department of corrupt cops. You can read it here.

Ok, so I know some of you have been telling me to lay low, and stay quiet, but you know that just ain't me. Besides that, if my time here really is limited, they're gonna get rid of me anyway. Might as well let loose while I can. If silence is golden, pontification must be platinum. Which is worth more?

Right now I am so disgusted by the needless suffering I have seen by my brothers and sisters in Baltimore at the hands of crooked cops. Not necessary the police in general, but there are so many dirty ones, sometimes it seems as if the department is corrupt. Maybe it is! Naw, just kidding.

Problem is though, the good ones don't do enough to out the bad ones. By their silence and inaction, many of the honest are criminally complicit. When your a law enforcer, and your co-workers are running around abusing innocent people and violating their civil rights, your silence and inaction is criminal. You have failed in your duty to act. You have violated your oath to protect and serve. Sadly, many good cops cover for bad cops and hide them behind the thin blue line.

Personally, I've been kicked around (literally and figuratively) a few too many times to just stand by a be silent. No way, no how. God gave me a voice and I'm gonna raise it. The internet gave me a platform and I'm gonna stand on it.

In closing, to those who are so sick and tired of what I say and what I do, guess what? I'm sick and tired of being on the receiving end of your uncivilized, unconstitutional, unethical, immoral, illegal abuse of power!

25 May 2009

Ay Papi!

Compare Her To Monica Lewinsky; Italian Prime Minister Show's Good Taste In Women

Noemi Letizia, the teenage model Italian Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi is said to be having an affair with. It is reported she calls him "Papi."

Fellas, do you see that! Dang!!! Some guys get all the luck. Guess it's true what Kissinger said, power is the strongest aphrodisiac. It don't matter if you're an old guy, or a washed up has been. If you got money or power, you gets the ladies. The rest of nice (broke) guys, we're doomed to a fate of possibly lifelong monk-like celibacy.

Ladies calm down, I'm not glorifying or advocating cheating, but I'm just saying. Think about it. If you're man's gonna cheat on you, wouldn't you feel terrible if the woman he strayed with was less attractive than you? Seriously, just hear me out on this one, that means you too Karin.

Oh, and BTW, Silvio's wife is actually a total knockout, (that's her on the left) but some guys just never happy I guess. Yo Silvio, after the divorce, why don't you introduce us? My name's APOLLOS, that's almost Italian...sorta.

I remember when Eric Benet was cheating on Halle Berry. Halle freaking Berry! If she don't satisfy you, what will? Maybe we really are dogs....but hey, in my case that would make me more approachable! (see Beware Of Dog)


Remember French President Nicholas Sarkozy? Maybe you forgot about the ongoing affair less than two years ago with singer/model Carla Bruni, now his wife (that's them on the left). Yes, while president, he was cheating on his FORMER model, now a bit older, looks slightly faded, wife. I guess it's kinda like a car, when you have an older model and you get tired of it and it's served it's usefulness you trade it in for a new one. That's exactly what Sarko did! He married his mistress. Ah yes, Ze French!

I guess ole Silvio couldn't sit around and be outdone by the Frenchman. You know how we men are, always so competitive. So he upped his game and got a barely legal teenager, guess his former model wife was getting a bit worn for his tastes.

Truth is, the girl JUST turned 18, an Silvio actually attended her birthday party giving her a gold necklace. The affair started before she was legal age. By the way ladies, YES, she is divorcing him. She said she can't be with a man that hangs out with minors.


Honestly, I blame all this open, cavalier cavorting by world leaders with younger women on Bill Clinton. Think about it. Bill is well liked and admired the world over. He showed us all that you can have your cake and eat it too. After a string of affairs, his wife is still standing by her man. So I guess these guys figure, if Bill can do it, and get away with it, why can't I?

This is gonna be real interesting . . .

What's Next? Here They Come!

Well, I did it again. I just wrote another critical piece on Baltimore City government. I named names, and didn't pull any punches in stating my OPINION. Should be no big deal right? After all, as a member of the press, in a free and democratic society, I'm afforded such privilege. It's even supported by law as outlined in the Constitution of the United States.


Funny thing though, the last time I ran such a piece, it went out at around 0800 on 31 March. By 0930 I was placed under arrest. I had an appointment at the Mitchell Courthouse, and right there in the lobby as I tried to enter, they seized me, supposedly for "disorderly conduct." A totally BS charge without any evidence, opinion, or supposed victim. I then sat for seven days in Central Booking without being formally charged, without a bail being set, without being brought before a commissioner. Sounds a lot like that ole due process thing don't it?

To keep things interesting, I was then transferred to a mental hospital, the Walter P. Carter center for a month. This was done without justification, or articulation of facts of observed behavior deeming it necessary. Within 48 hours I was professional evaluated and found fully competent by the doctors. But I was not set free. After that, I was sent to Baltimore City Detention Center. All told, I was locked away for nearly two months for disorderly conduct. Remember I said I was never charged? When I was being processed for release, at the last moment, near the exist, I was re-arrested on a warrant. What for? "Disorderly conduct." The same charge I was supposedly already under arrest for and had spent all the time locked up on.

Making matters worse, I now actually have a court date. Again, remember, this all came after a series of critical pieces on this administration. Particularly it's inability to effectively deal with the rise in crime and violence in the city. I specifically take issue with how much time and resources are spent pursuing the wrong people. Efforts that could be better spent having a more direct impact on city crime. The above true story of my case makes the point even clearer than ever.

For a fiscal conservative like me, I'm particularly sickened to learn the state and city has spent a combined nearly $75,000 in trying to bring me down. From the investigations, to the jail and hospital stay, to the malicious prosecution, and everything else that goes with it. And the city was made safer by all this how? Please tell me when you find out. Don't forget how at the end of last year I was arrested twice in two days. One charge was dismissed when the officer, Michael Maurice never bothered to show to at the hearing based on his charge. And some of you thought doing media work wasn't dangerous. I guess when you play it safe and you're afraid to speak truth to darkness, you have nothing to worry about. If you can't find me, they've probably taken me out again. Maybe this time for good.

The enemies of freedom never rest.


The amazingly prophetic video I made the day before my false imprisonment.

24 May 2009

Beware Of Dog

Man's Best Friend Breeds Fear In The Hood

Since my earliest memories in urban law enforcement, I became aware of an innate irrational fear of canine's by many black city dwellers. After I became an animal control officer, my knowledge of this fear expanded. Didn't matter where I was. If I was in a major city, walking in the hood, and I had a dog with me, everyone kept their distance. Not sure if it's a result of conditioning from seeing so many vicious dogs bred for fighting and ferocity, or just overall fear of the unknown.

Do you live in the city? Afraid of going for a walk after dark? No problem, get a dog. The average city hoodlum is terrified over dogs. Whenever I take my dogs out for a walk, brothers often cross the street on my approach. Contrast this with the white folks who cavalierly approach and sometime without even asking, just reach out and pet the dog (I'm not responsible if they're bitten, no one told them to pet the dog).


Interestingly enough, when I go for walks in white neighborhoods, WITHOUT the dog, white folks often cross the street on my approach. WITH the dog, I get many smiles, waves, and nods. So let me get this straight. The same scary tough looking dogs that frightens some, attracts others? So the dog is held in higher esteem than the master? Go figure! What a world we live in.

An Update On Where I Stand

The amount of new readers to my little blog has been a bit surprising. Honestly. Never did I expect so many, from different places around to the world to care one bit about what I have to say here. This place is pretty casual. Just one man, and his various talks on a menagerie of topics.

When I first started this, it's purpose was fairly simple. Lacking ambition or any delusions of importance, I simply wanted a place to record some of my thoughts in a readily accessible format. Having lost several paper diaries before, and having cried profusely when some of my computers crashed and I lost all data, I quickly fell in love with the idea of being able to write and have it stored remotely, in a secure manner. This way one day, even my long lost daughter Selena will have a better idea who her dad was. Now, when my computer is stolen (happened a few times), or I can't find my diary, I can always come here.

Many of you know of the epic struggle I've been striving with. Most recently, my adversaries have stepped up their methods and made the fight much more personal. The attempts to damage me, my reputation, and my means and ability to be a productive effective citizen have taken on an increased intensity.

Despite the rumors, and false accusations, some of you have truly stuck by me and was there when I needed a friend. Others have abandoned my side. Some who I spoke to almost daily are now no where to be found. It's ok, I understand there is a lot of fear in the air, especially when it comes to me.

Today I stand here in perpetual gratitude and indebtedness to all who have shown support to me beyond measure. Truly the times have been difficult, but with your support and God's grace, my spirit remains strong. I cannot say enough, THANK YOU! Those who wish to silence me have been shown it's not as easy as they thought.

God isn't finished with me. My work in this place is not yet over. Until then, nothing can stop me. I will PRESS ON!

15 May 2009

Dereliction Of Duty -- Part 1 -- Prosecutorial Misconduct

The Destruction Of Innocence
By A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

Baltimore has a really big problem. Violent crime is out of control, and everyone is seeking a solution. Sadly, the police make numerous arrests, yet many result in no prosecution. Margaret Burns, spokeswoman for Baltimore's State's Attorney's office tell us, over 1000 cases per month are tossed out. Worse still, of cases prosecuted, may fail to address the root causes of violence in the city. The result is no appreciable difference in the reduction of crime.

Despite what any top cop, or city elected official may tell you, ask the man on the street, or the boys in the hood, they'll all say, this is still, BodyMore, Murderland. With hundreds of deaths classified as "cause undetermined," or "pending," who knows for sure just what the truth is. Greedy corporations cook the books, and fudge numbers just to look good, what makes you think self serving, self important, self aggrandizing officials and politicians wouldn't do the same?


When a prosecutor has little evidence, or no witnesses, by all established standards, his case is considered weak. A defendant with strong testimony, credible witnesses, and solid evidence is usually thought as having a good shot at justice. Sometimes, a prosecutor goes forward with a case, knowing full well, he probably doesn't have one. For him, the only objective is to win, no matter what; this is not justice, it's a miscarriage of justice.

No longer is it about right or wrong or the search for truth. Justice comes down to who can argue better, who has better strategy, and who is willing to spend more money. The state has endless resources to prosecute. Most of us have limited resources to spend on our own defense. Similar to a game or sporting event, a running score is kept. Victory at all cost is what the prosecutor wants. Even if the loss of innocence and freedom for a law abiding citizen is the end result.

In the courts, the fate and destiny of the common man lies in the balances. When a new case is reviewed by the prosecutor's office, decisions should be made in the best interest of society. Ideally at this point, it is determined whether there is enough to proceed to trial, or should the whole matter be dropped. A prosecutor who truly believes in justice will usually review all evidence, or lack there of, then chart a course. The attorney trapped in the tunnel vision mindset of winning or losing sometimes miss relevant details. Other times there is a willful overlooking of pertinent facts supporting the defense. Often, without any real evidence, they choose to go forward.

Many cases brought up in court should have been summarily dismisses, but gamesmanship of a misguided prosecutor perverts justice. He wants to win remember? At all costs! To nolle preseque, or throw out a case; would save innumerable taxpayer dollars and free up the court docket for the many serious and pressing issues faced by our city. Truly, Baltimore is a community in crisis.

In Charm City, too many cases are dragged on, while an innocent person is put through the ringer. Our system claims innocence until proven guilty, but close examination reveals this notion exists only in theory. For some who are wrongfully charged, their accusers often win, dealing a defeat to true justice. But what does this mean? The reasons for the victory are no more evident at the end of the trial, that it was at the very start. In other words, any fool and his mama could have seen, there was never really a case, yet for some reason it went forward.

Arrogance and pride keeps the prosecutor going on a lost cause, looking for that victory. He wants guilt, but there's non there. Only an innocent man, and the prosecutor knows this. Or maybe he doesn't....


The cases tried against the innocent come at a very high price. The hapless defendant; make that innocent victim; or should I say loser, is left in a sorry state; even if he somehow won against malicious prosecution and false accusation. An innocent man who wins in court is left to pick up the pieces of his broken life.

Destroyed is his good name, public reputation, financial and career prospects, and even his family life sometimes is totally ruined. Too many times, for too many people, when you win, this is just a minor detail, easily insignificant in a now shattered world.

12 May 2009

Thought Of The Day

Fortune may have yet a better success in reserve for you, and they who lose today may win tomorrow. ~Cervantes