20 December 2013

Baltimore Spectator Or Phantom Shooter?

"In this world, everything happens for a reason.  Even the smallest, seemingly random event is part of some larger pattern of order. There is no such thing as true coincidence. Even if at the time it may appear so. These are just things, occurrences and incidents taking place, for which at the present we do not have sufficient explanation or understanding why." -- A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

16 December 2013

When Police Push The Press

Today a well known, well respected, well paid mainstream reporter attempting to report on a homicide was harassed by Baltimore Police and he took it without complaint or resistance.

The reporter posted a picture of a house in the vicinity of the incident and stated that police told him he could not take pictures and had to leave the area.

Nothing more was ever heard from the reporter on scene.

Despite the courts, the Department of Justice, and even the reporters own newspaper repeatedly reaffirming the right of citizens, including reporters, to take pictures in public of places of crime scenes among other things, the reporter seemed uninterested to take a stand and assert his first amendment rights. This is deeply disturbing.

On the surface it may seem a small and trivial manner. There may even be many logical reasons for someone whose job depends on freedom of the press to tuck his tail and turn around when the police decide to push him around.

But there is a bigger principle of reinforcing and strengthening a very dangerous, unlawful overreach of police power in play here.

If you think of the press as a wall standing between the public and a slowly turning tyrannical government, think again. Holding government accountable and then calling them out when they willfully trample our rights is only of secondary concern at best, to these people.

In a future article the subject will be examined much closer and the discussion expanded in scope.

What Good Is A Writer Who No Longer Writes?

Or for that matter, a blogger who no longer blogs?

Many writers face the challenge of overcoming writers blocks. This is often a hindrance in the output of those who enjoy crafting of words into coherent works. Although I've sometimes been faced with what I refer to as having "lost my mojo," sadly my recent lack of production can hardly be blamed on this.

I've never been one much for making excuses, but right now I find myself in a particularly challenging place.
A place where finding the proper balance between doing the things one NEEDS to do versus what one would really LIKE to do is quite perplexing.

The process of writing for me is quite enjoyable, but I've never been a fast writer. For me its quite time consuming and exhaustive. To concentrate and carefully and meticulously weave together a tapestry of thought is one the more sublime pleasures of my existence.

Between work, study and dealing with the many difficulties of piecing back together my life since the incident, sadly my writing has suffered greatly. From simple blogging to the in depth investigative reporting many have counted upon me for, it's been several months since my proverbial pen has produced.

Really wish I knew what to do, or how to fully take control of the situation and rectify it, but this being my personal blog, I freely admit for the time being, I'm at a lost.

There's plenty of material I would like to write about. I have lots of information, sources and citations to refer to. Compelling stories even, but the trouble is finding the uninterrupted blocks of time to put it all together.

While this was always an area I struggled with, things have only grown far worse than ever since coming back home from my time in confinement.

The difficulties faced by individuals attempting to adjust and return to a life of seeming normalcy after periods of prolonged confinement and detention are simply unimaginable to the average person.

Some how, some way, one day... I shall return!
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