23 April 2011

Running Of The Bull!

For me, running has been a life long passion, but not one that I've been most faithful too.  I first started seriously running nearly 25 years ago.  Since then, among other things, I've ran track, trained for triathlons, competed in road races of various lengths, ran for miles and miles barefoot on the beach, through the woods you name it.  Along the way though, there's also been periods of time where I've done no running at all.

Whenever I start back up again, there's always a rush of energy surging through my body with each step I take. I'm immediately hit with a wave of emotions wondering why I ever stopped in the first place.  Sometimes I've had legitimate excuses, such as being in a few serious car accidents, a motorcycle accident that nearly killed me, even getting shot in my leg, not to mention a whole host of other lesser injuries.  Other times, looking back, I just can't figure out why.

Anyhow, with this afternoons beautiful 70 degree weather, and clear sunny skies, going for a run is something Midnight (the dog) and I just couldn't resist.  About a mile and a half from the Crows Nest (our house) to Lake Montebello (see photo below), another mile and a quarter or so circuiting the lake, then the return mile and half home.  It was blast.

Now I'm sitting here high on endorphins, while Midnight is sleeping soundly at my feet.  I write this blog in hopes of capturing some of the feeling so that if I ever feel like not running, all I have to do is read this, it'll bring back the memories, and we'll be motivated to head out the door and pound some pavement.

Why is this called 'Running Of The Bull?'  As much as I like to run, my form and gait these days leaves a lot to be desired.  At 260 pounds, I lack the grace of a gazelle so many of the stylishly attired runners going pass me possess.  And trust me, they're ALL running past me, I'm S-L-O-W.  When I go out, it's more like a pounding pachyderm, a bull elephant at that.  But hey, at least I'm moving right?

Well, it's time to go let the rabbits out into the yard.  Now those are fast little creatures.  Refresh my memory, why are we the superior species again?


Lake Montebello; Best Place To Walk Dogs -- City Paper

Lake Montebello: Best Lake -- City Paper

03 April 2011

Libya: Gaddafi's glamorous blonde lawyer daughter Aisha joins soldiers on the front line |

Col. Gaddafi's Daughter Aisha: Hot or not? 
'The Claudia Schiffer of North Africa'

"...He is very close to me, and I feel so safe when I am with him..."