14 September 2012

Working Out, How Long Is Too Long?

Today I said to a young lady; "have a good workout." Her response utterly floored me.

"I'm gonna try, today I only have a limited amount of time. Just two hours..."

She was serious. So I innocently suggested to her to make the most of it. This is when she really threw me. "Normally I like to hit the cardio for a few hours then hit weights." She said this with a straight face full of sincereity. To be honest, I was completely caught off guard. Didn't even know what to say to that one.

First off, who on Earth has that kinda time to work out like that? And if you had the time, why would you spend so much of it working out? I should add, this young lady appeared to be in excellent shape, quite lean and toned, but my goodness, I'm sure results can be achieved without going hard like that.

Granted, the average person absolutely doesn't exercise enough. We're a nation of unfit people. Most of us are too fat. Others may not be fat but have virtually no endurance or stamina. Then on a whole the average American is a stone cold weakling.

We've completely lost our way on this. But I'm curious, if you had total control over your schedule, what would be your ideal workout schedule? How many days per week, how long per session?