29 January 2008

Gus Gordon Is NOT A Racist!

Gus Gordon Is NOT A Racist

Last week after the producer of the Troy Johnson Show, Gus Gordon, used a term that he didn't know had racial connotations, I immediately called into the show to check him on this. After the call I issued a post and a bulletin meant as a sarcastic paradoy. In case the tongue in cheek nature of my initial posting was missed, I offer the following;

At no point in time was there ever any intention to cause slander, or ruination of reputation. The purpose of this writing is to publically apologize to Gus Gordon. While I initially was taken a back by the utterance of the term that will not be repeated in this space, I quickly realized it was used in an innocent manner, and the person saying it truly had no idea of the potential offensiveness of the term. The fact that it was used in referring to Barack Obama, the only black presidential candidate, caused my ears to stand up when I heard it. Upon reviewing all of the facts, I am now convinced this was merely coincidental, with no harmful intent on the part of Gus.

Gus, with the always lovely MD State Delegate Jill Carter

I should point out that I have met and spoken with Gus on numerous occaisons and actually consider him to be a rather pleasant person to be around. We even had dinner together and a few drinks at an appearance for the Ed Norris show once. Gus is a likeable and interesting person, and his presence on the air always seems to add to the entertainment value and listenability of any broadcast.

As a black man with a pretty good prejudice meter, I must say I have never in the least bit sensed or detected any bigotry in this young man. In this day and age of hypersensitivity and over reacting, I realize I may have been guilty of such myself. Truly though, I was only kidding.

If you have never heard the Troy Johnson show, you really should check it out. It's a unique blend of topics and one of the most interesting conversations you'll ever hear on radio. As a seasoned radio veteran, Troy brings his mix of humor, intelligence and ability to unravel complex issues to the airwaves each day. Check them out at
FM Talk 105.7, (this is a clickable link). You can listen live anywhere. Trust me, it's worth hearing, and even better, calling in and participating. Just be sure to listen carefully and hear someone out before saying something.

27 January 2008

Amy Winehouse Checked Into Rehab, One Day After The Video

Great news. It's not exactly a breaking story at this point, but word is Amy Winehouse finally said yes, yes, yes and checked into rehab. We heard her bosses at the record label gathered all the press from around the world mentioning her drug problem. She was then summoned to the record company, and shown all of the evidence and asked to finally admit that she had a problem. Apparently that did the trick.

Very interesting to me, considering this happened the next day after I released the video urging her to get help. In case you missed it I've included it below. Amy, we wish you all the best and we look forward to seing you do what you do best. Make great music with that awesome voice.

To my loyal readers, I promise to get back to my usual subject matter and back off a bit from the entertainment/celebrity stuff for a while. I just felt really strongly about this girl and her problems. If I was in any way the least bit helpful, then I've accomplished my mission.

23 January 2008

Amy Winehouse Running Out Of Time

This is the clip I put together in my outreach to Amy Winehouse. Forget leave Britney Spears alone. This girl here really needs help.

America's First Black President!

Somebody defend him please. Seriously. I know you've all seen this by now, but come on now Bill! Now you got me embarrassed for you. Show us how you really feel why don't you. And to think, "George Bush doesn't like black people." Hmmmmm..., seems to me Mr. Bill couldn't care less himself. Your comments please?


15 January 2008

Tom Brady I Hate You

Gay Brady

Tom Brady, I Hate You!

You are just living the life. I swear, what more can any man want? First there's your record breaking perfect season. Your New England Patriots have played perfectly all year, going all the way to the playoffs without a loss. I guess that's why you make the big bucks. I bet you're feeling pretty special right about now.

Already in your young life, you've won three Super Bowl Championships, two Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Awards (MVP), and in 2005 you were named Sportsman of The Year, and again in 2007 you received the same award. Oh, and I did I mention you're a pretty good looking guy too? I like the most valuable player part though. With the emphasis on player.
As if being favored to win the SuperBowl isn't enough, not only do you get all the fame and all the glory, but you get all the ladies too.

After getting bored with your super model girlfriend Bridgette Moynahan. You leave her after she's pregnant with your baby. You ran out and got an upgraded, new and improved model.
Pregnant Bridgette
Seriously, I've always been told you shouldn't leave what you got, unless you've already got something better lined up. Wait a minute, I think Dad was talking about a job when he said that.

Smoking hot

Let's face it, Gisele Bundchen, your current supermodel, is smoking hot dude! I mean, the girl is Brazilian and German. The spicy hotness of the South American tropics, combined with the free love, free thinking European attitude. Does it get any better? And now I hear that she's pregnant with your baby too. What are you trying to do? Develop the perfect athlete by carefully combining select genetics. The kids gonna be all that and then some, and good looking too. Am I jealous, no, not really. I mean, an excellent career, lots of money, beautiful women, who'd be jealous of that?

At this point I have to wonder what's left for you to accomplish? Life must be so tough. Is there anything left to prove? It's been said before, but it's worth saying again, with your supersperm, you're like the Kevin Federline of football? Tom Brady, you're amazing and I hate you, but when I grow up, I want to be just like you. Oh, just so you know, should you end up facing the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl, I won't be rooting for you. My guy will be Brett Favre. I hope he spanks your butt! 

Tom Brady, I hate you!

Brady and girls

14 January 2008

Not The Way To Start Your Day

Not The Way To Start Your Day

Have you ever had one of those days when you had everything well thought out, and perfectly planned? You know, the kind where you figure out how you're gonna make the most of your time and be a productive person. Have you ever had one of those days where the perfect plan you've laid out is derailed from the start? Well, that was my Sunday.

After going to bed early with hopes of an early rising to hit the ground running, I was stunned by the fact that I overslept a bit. Ok, not so bad, I can recover from this. The way I figure, I had a chance to find two critical witnesses I was assigned to locate, early in the morning, then I would still be able to make football practice.. Yup, those were my plans, but this was reality:

Not happy with this car.

So my trusty, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor decided not to be so trusty this morning. Without warning and for no apparent reason, the beast refused to start. Ever try getting a jump start, early on a Sunday morning? Good luck. I sent out a distress signal, but even that brought no help. After sending two texts to the coach that I was broken down, and would probably be late for practice, I realised that I'd be more than just late. I wasn't going to make it.

I know you've probably been there before, but having your car suddenly decide not to cooperate with you really stinks. I've had more vehicles break down on me, in more cities, in more states than probably anyone I know. I swear, they don't like me. It's a conspiracy. Man versus machine.

Truly though, I should be thankful I suppose. At over 350, 000 miles, this car is doing things I don't even think Ford expected it to do.

The well worn engine that's still going after all these years.

Yes, that really is the amount of miles the car has on it. Someone in fleet management really doesn't like me. Seriously. I'm continually transferred from one old vehicle to another. Don't ask. Most days though, she gets the job done. To all you people who think American cars don't last long, I got something for ya.

While the outside is painted in a deceptive color scheme, the actual typical use and purpose of my car remains a mystery to most. I like it this way. I can slip in and out of neighborhoods, office parks, and government areas, all without drawing the least bit of suspicion or attention. Usually....there was that one time though.....

Inside the car lies some fairly sophisticated computer gagetry. Below is a picture showing my mobile data terminal, and the onboard pc in navigation mode. Truth is, most of the gear like the electronic countermeasures, jammers, communications etc. can't be seen. They are cleverly hidden as they should be. I get all this and an AM/FM radio WITH cassette , that can hardly tune into a local station. Go figure. The last car I had was able to tune in radio stations from several states away. No lie!

Cruiser cockpit

Hope you've had a great weekend, and that your day didn't or will not begin with a car that won't start. Stay tuned this week for what I hope to be an interesting variety of blog topics. Now why am I still awake anyhow? So much for a perfectly planned day eh?


11 January 2008

Just A Test or The Hostile Witnesses (mobile posting)

No really. This is just a test. I'm using my mobile Windows pocket pc device and wanted to see how this comes out. It's similar to a Blackberry. That means every word you read has been typed by my thumbs. On tiny buttons. My big, fat, ape like thumbs. How about that!

On the road right now busting tail as usual. Worked pretty late into the night last night. Had an interesting encounter with two hostile witnesses.

Apparently the husband and wife couple were being quite evasive for some time. When I got the case there were all kinds of warnings and caution attached to the info sheet. I had a sinking feeling in my gut as I read them. Oh Lord, the guy's an attorney too. GREAT! My favorite people to deal with. Last time I had to serve a warrant on an attorney I was sued and ended up in the Washington Post. Not good.

Needless to say I was quite apprehensive about this one. Evidently, several others had tried with no success in locating these hostile witnesses. The first lead I had, their gven work address, was totally fake and non existant. I was sternly warned by my case manager to not attempt to serve them at their house. An address we were unsure of and only had some unconfirmed leads on. So what do you think I did? You got it! Somehow I don't imagine that at 8:00 Pm, while having dinner, I'm the guy that you won't popping in as an unannounced guest. Oh well!

The looks on their faces were priceless as I stood in the open doorway of the large surburban home. Resistance was minimal, as is usually the case in my experience. To make a long story short, I was in and out, got the job done, nobody got hurt. Not bad for a case I only worked on for less than a day. Mission accomplished! Another succesful snatch! (now does the title of my upcoming book make more sense?)

There'll be more where this came from, now that the retirement's officially over. Thank you for reading.