27 February 2012

Seagull Sushi -- In Nature, Death Sustains Life

For some to live, others must die...

We live in is a cold cruel world, truly at times only the strong survive.  

After jogging at Druid Hill Park yesterday, on the way out I came across this scene just yards from the road. A shock to my senses.  As a one time rural inhabitant, now converted city dweller, I'm no longer used to coming face to face with the harsh realities that make up the circle of life in nature.

Amid the pile of white fluffy down feathers, there was remnants of a bloody carcass being quickly consumed by the hawk.  Residing at the top of the food chain, and being a highly developed predator, I imagine the seagull was taken out with the quickness and precision of a contract hit.  The innocent, but unintelligent seagull was probably bobbing around on the ground, without a clue, as sudden death came from above. The whole thing, from attack to death probably took place in seconds.

Many Seagulls Never See The Sea

Seagulls were once denizens of large bodies of water, now they're typically found in landfills and suburban strip mall parking lots.  Clearly in it's evolution, these proud walking, loud yapping, eat anything scavengers are ill equipped to defend themselves against predators.  In my estimation, they're probably poor at sensing imminent danger too.  Such is the lot of  many wild animals choosing to live and subsist via co-existence with humans, depending on our refuse and waste for food.

It occurred to me, that one of the primary differentiation between humanity and all that dwell in the animal kingdom, is our highly developed sense of reason and intelligence.  You see, in the animal kingdom, killing is often necessary in order to eat the next meal.  For the most part, animals have not learned to employ sustainable agriculture and other food production methods, but we humans have, yet we still kill.

Humans The Main Murderers Among Earth Creatures

The question remains, why then do we kill the way we d?.  Not just killing animals, but each other too.  In nature, most highly intelligent species rarely ever kill their own.  Sure there's skirmishes and occasional sparring to establish dominance and pecking order, but homicidal tendencies is something you just don't see among beasts.

In modern urban cities like Baltimore, where the killing takes place at such a high rate, and on such a regular basis, one wonders whether man has truly evolved, or in some instances, could possibly be on steady slide of devolvement, or at the very least, arrested development.

Human beings have certainly learned, on an intellectual level at least, how to peacefully live and co-exist without killing each other, putting it into practice is another matter.  Has there not been enough killing in our history for us to have all learned in the end it leads us no where?  While animals act out of instinct and habit, mankind is supposed to be inspired by intellect and intelligence.

Instead what we see on a daily basis is human beings representing more of a predator to each other than any else.


25 February 2012

A New Challenge Perhaps?

What little boy didn't have play sword fights, either with his friends or imaginary foes? For me Zoro was the one to emulate. For most of us, our fascination with the ancient art of sword play dies off once we depart early childhood.

Few schools offer fencing programs, perhaps with some misguided reasoning that it could encourage violence. Of course these same school probably all have football.,

With my fitness and physical training goals for this year already mapped out, fitting in fencing might not be feasible, but you better believe now that I know we have some first rate clubs in the area, I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.

On guard!

Baltimore’s Top Spots For Fencing – The Sport!

14 February 2012

Running Down A Dream...

At 3:00 A.M. save for a few early risers, most normal people are fast asleep in bed. During these ultra early morning hours, most normal people are are not up writing blogs about the fantastic workout they just completed that started round midnight. But I'm not normal, the things I want to achieve in life aren't normal.

Right now, the feelings eminating from the very core of my soul are not easily described. Endorphine high? No doubt! But there's more to it than that.

After getting a new gym membership back in November, the first time in years, I've been easing into a gradually increasing routine. Well tonight (or this morning), there's no doubt in my mind, I'M BACK!!!


First a warm up road run, then a nice indoor bike ride of nearly an hour. These were the perfect primer needed to attack the weights with fire and intensity.  Pushed my self to new boundaries tonight.

Some years ago, these intense training sessions were routine for me, I was in phenominal shape, looked and felt great, and was excited to take things to the next level. Some where along the journey, life got in the way.

After slacking off quite a bit, getting fat, lazy and outta shape, the inner beast in me had had enough. The time to unleash the giant within has come.


All my life I've been chasing something that I could never quite capture. At times I seemed to have gotten very close to it. I could see it, smell it, taste it, even imagine touching it, but never quite get my hands on it. For several decades, it's remained little more than a dream.

Like a carrot on a stick, the chase has kept me going, moving along steady on the road to be fit for life, and fit to live.

With the help, guidance and grace of God, although the road in front me now seems a bit further, steeper, and more rocky than was been before, my determination is also stronger than ever. I got this!