04 May 2012

The Vulture

One night while sleeping, a strange creature came creeping, into my chamber door. His appearance was frightful, and oh so dreadful, just being there, he brought much fear.

As I gasped and asked, in the dark of the night, who goes there, who goes there, a voice answered back and said; have no fear, there's a reason I'm here. I come with a message for him who will listen, so lend me your ear and you will hear.

I prefer to travel by air, I fly through the sky, where ever I go, you can be sure, death and decay lay somewhere below. Sometimes I take flight, in the silent of night, for my work is never really through. When I am near, it is certain and sure, the end for some has come.

For me to live, others must die. Do not ask me why. It is simply the order of things down here.

These words caused me to shiver, I began to quake and quiver.

Do not be afraid he said, for now is not your time. I speak to you because the truth you seek. The mysteries of life and death, the strong and the weak, it is these that I am charged to keep. I listened to these words as he moved his beak.

Looking at this strange visitor, I thought for sure I was dreaming. I felt like screaming, for here I was, in the middle of the night, and in my room, bathed in the full moon light, was a bird who came with a word.

What is your name I asked: Soar he said. Not to be confused with my cousin Evermore. At this point I had had enough, I tried to show him the door, but he begged let him be, to tarry on a little longer, allow him to stay, for there was more to say, and for me to ponder.

Very well I said, as I returned to my bed, listening to the talking bird, who was bringing the word. After much was said, my eyes grew heavy. Drifting off to sleep, I could hear, Soar was still talking.

In the morn I arose, thinking back of the encounter, I nearly froze, what a strange dream it seemed I'd had. Assuring myself, it was all in my head, the sun rising up signaled time to get out of bed.

Getting on my feet, taking to the street, I walked into town seeking something to eat. On the way, I saw a small crowd gathered. I could hear them say; look at him, what an ugly sight! So decidedely frightful, in the bright morning light.

Peering closer, I could not believe. On the ground was a carcass, picked and ripped raw. It was hard to tell, what it was we saw. Man or beast, we couldn't say in the least. I inched a bit nearer, so that I may see clearer, who or what was responsible for all this. Much to my fright, was an unbelievable sight, for the the same feathered fiend, he was having a feast.

With a clap of my hands, and a loud yell, I said: go on Soar, get out of here! He immediately took flight, climbing higher and higher he was soon out of sight. Though he flew away, there was something I knew, the messenger would be back, for his work was not through.