14 January 2016

Virtual Team Challenge - Row With It!

The Numbers
  • 66 - Team Navy's current position out of 435 teams from around the world
  • 814,225 - total team meters
  • 101,000 - my total meters rowed so far
  • 1 - my position on team as the one with the most cumulative distance... so far
Current as of 0700 EST

Day 14 of the 31 day challenge finds me in good spirits, and over all highly motivated. 

Some mild signs of fatigue are starting to show. 

Thankfully, my pre-existing foot injury has shown no signs of irritation or worsening. The healing and recovery is actually progressing quite well.

I've rowed everyday since the first of the year. Some days even rowing twice.

Being part of a challenge offers extra motivation along with an element of excitement. It's much more fun than working or exercising without passion or purpose.

I believe one of the primary reasons people quit exercising is because they find themselves in a place where it's no longer fun anymore. Couple that with vague, indistinct goals and not having a firm "why" and eventually - much sooner than later for many - exercise gets blown off.

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